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We are a wedding filmhouse, based in Savannah, crafting emotional and memorable wedding films.

Hi there- my name is Edward Comerford, and I have been a professional creative for 20 years. The majority of my career has been spent in music industry, working with some of the biggest names in entertainment. In the past year, however, I have shifted my focus specifically to wedding photography and videography.

Here’s why:

In September of 2017, my partner of 8 years, Maggie, and I were three days away from our wedding when Hurricane Irma came hurtling toward Savannah and forced us to postpone.

  • We evacuated to San Diego for a few days before flying out to our Hawaii Honeymoon
  • While in San Diego, we decided to elope in Las Vegas with an Elvis impersonator

  • We kept the whole thing a secret until we could have a proper wedding like we originally planned

It was crazy and awesome, and as heartbreaking and stressful as some moments were, I’m actually glad it happened the way it did (and so is Maggie). We got a fun, spontaneous, intimate elopement ceremony AND we got to replan our big proper wedding with even more special-to-us features and moments than originally planned.

The rescheduled date came in February 2018, and it was better than either of us could have expected. The room was filled with love and energy and all the people who make our lives worth living.

We sang, danced, laughed, reconnected with childhood friends, and Maggie even surprised everyone with a drum performance in her giant dress. (She spent 6 months learning to play drums just for the occasion!)

The problem?

When we got our photos and videos about 6 weeks later, we didn’t see any of that. Instead of connection, emotion, and creativity, we saw faked “moments,” horrid flash, and the most unflattering angles and lighting you can imagine.

The special moments in our memory just weren’t there, and it was devastating. We’d been through so much, and had so much support to pull off this re-do event…and ugh. It felt like we were treated like a throwaway- an event to check off the list and move on. No connection, no care, no desire to capture the magic and turn those moments into art that we could treasure forever.

I created Whisper and Wire to give couples what I wish we had gotten- meaningful, artistic documentation of the day that meant so much to us.

My job is to get to know you- your story, your style, what you value – then capture that on your wedding day. It’s my goal to capture your special moments and details and give you a product that makes you FEEL something- that reminds you of how special that day was and how special you are to each other.

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